We travel to all areas around Bendigo and Multifit Australia can quote for supplying and installing Vinyl wall cladding. No more expensive painting and maintenance on your  house. Whether you are looking to clad a house that is currently covered with asbestos, fibro sheeting or flaking lead paint on older weatherboards, we have all the options tailored to your needs.

red-brick-widescreenNo matter what your budget we can quote on a full range of maintenance free weatherboard systems. We can even offer you an Australian made product. Choose from top of the range products or something from our less expensive, yet durable,” Budget Builder’s Range” of Vinyl Wall Cladding. So many options to choose from.

Multifit Australia’s Vinyl Wall Cladding is constructed out of a PVC resin, which makes it remarkably strong, unlike metal or aluminium, Multifit wall cladding won’t rust, conduct electricity or dent, if a cricket ball hits it, the boards simply bounce back. Unlike wood, it won’t warp, rot, or chip and it holds up remarkably against the elements because it is protected against the extreme UV rays of the sun in Australia. In fact, it’s so long-lasting it will retain its physical qualities for up to 50 years and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.

Are you wanting the look of timber without the maintenance? Are you wanting to  upgrade your existing home and help insulate it at the same time while getting a freshly painted look ? Then our solid vinyl weatherboards are the answer.

We supply and install high quality insulated vinyl boards in a range of colours and textures that are stylish, durable and maintenance free. They won’t fade, warp or rot like timber weatherboards and our insulation backing system helps to keep your home warm in winter, cool in summer.


For any of your Local Vinyl House Cladding requirements in the Bendigo and surrounding areas call:
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